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The Relationship between E-Marketing Strategy and Competitive Advantage: A Conceptual Framework

09 August 2019 Azahari

Abstract: Current research tries to offer some valuable insight into the relationship between E-marketing strategy and competitive advantage. This is done by exploring whether the acceptance of e-marketing strategy really impacts the competitive advantage of businesses. Grounded on the literature reviews, the researchers underlined and deliberated the imperative components contributing to the success of E-marketing. Here, the researchers depict the E-marketing mix using a (4Ps + 3Ps) + S3P2C2. Whereby the researchers preserve the original 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) plus additional 3Ps (Physical Environment, Process and People) and added Site Design, Security, Sales Promotion, Personalization, Privacy, Customer Service, and Community to define the E-marketing mix. The study recommended that any newly set-up and existing businesses should study and examine the e-marketing mix elements before making any commitment in any type business models. Keywords: Marketing, E-Marketing, Online-Marketing and Competitive Advantage

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