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Structural Characterization at Various Melting Temperatures of Nanosilver-Doped Polyphenylene Sulfide Conductive Polymers

02 June 2020 Institute of Materials, Malaysia|A

Conductive polymers are challenged with limited charge transfer; hence this limits its applications to microelectronics. For high voltage applications, charge mobility is essential to allow high conductivity and reduce transmission loss. In this view, Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) has been known to be doped to enhance the conductivity with various material such as copper and carbon nanotubes. Due to its high conductivity, silver is the most promising candidate. However, identifying appropriate melting temperature of the solid solution remains a challenge for effective doping process. Nevertheless, by reducing the size of silver to nanoparticles, the diffusion of Nanosilver could be most effective.

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