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Rapporteurs' Report on Finger Printing Forum No. 2

03 September 2019 GCE Admin

Introduction: Many years agio, the oil & gas industry discussed the idea of establishing a QA/QC system to check on the quality of polymeric paints supplied to oil & gas industry. There were concerns regarding the cost reduction initiatives - that paint manufacturers may supply "cheapened formula" products labeled as the actual high quality products which was approved by the oil companies. Scientific testing technologies were not available then for the protective coatings to be "fingerprinted" like metals & alloys, which can be checked againts its mill certificates obtained via spectrometers and in-house laboratory QC tests. The idea naturally died off. It is beleived that the oil & gas industry continues to be plagued with supply of non-confirming protective coatings due to fierce price competition. Material testing technologies have advanced exponentially over recent years that it may be possible for polymers to be "fingerprinted" in the near future.

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