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Prediction of First Transverse Crack Formation in Cross-Ply CFRP Laminates under Fatigue Loading

10 June 2019 Institute of Materials, Malaysia|A

The specific strength and stiffness of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRPs) make them well suited as a structural replacement for lightweight metallic materials. However, because fatigue fracture is a major failure mode of machinery and structures that incorporate metals, it is necessary to examine the fatigue properties of CFRP laminates to establish whether their long-term durability and reliability are favourable as well. CFRP laminates that are subjected to cyclic loading are susceptible to matrix cracks. Thus, it is important to predict transverse crack initiation under cyclic loading. It is essential to understand the mechanism of the transverse crack initiation for improving long-term durability of CFRP laminates. Therefore, a method was proposed to predict the number of cycles to transverse crack initiation in cross-ply CFRP laminates under fatigue loading. For full version of the journal article, please contact us directly at shafika.imm@gmail.com and/or aberamy.imm@gmail.com.

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