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FTIR fingerprinting for polymeric and organic- based products from (un)authorized retailers

02 June 2020 Institute of Materials, Malaysia|A

Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) is a reliable tool for the study of reproducibility of batch-to-batch wet paints for oil & gas industry. Procedures from the Institute of Materials, Malaysia (IMM) Standard (IMM FP01:2019) are referenced and adopted partially to other polymeric and organic-based products such as water bottles and liquid lipsticks. The estimation of degree of similarity (r) between the same brand products from different retailers (i.e. authorized retailers from department stores and
unauthorized retailers from local markets) is attempted. The price difference of the products from authorized retailers is roughly 17 times higher as compared to the unauthorized retailers. FTIR results show significant difference between the Reference spectra (products from authorized retailers) as compared to the sample spectra (products from unauthorized retailers) with r << 0.898. This may imply that the water bottles from authorized and unauthorized retailers (or the liquid lipsticks), which have similar physical appearance in terms of the products as well as the packaging, are not “equivalent” products in term of chemical compositions.

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