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Evaluation of Mechanical Properties on Rice Husk and Expanded Rice Husk Filled Polyethylene Composites

11 June 2019 Institute of Materials, Malaysia

Natural fibres have been used as reinforcement in composites for over 3000 years and have an immense potential environmentally and functionally to replace their synthetic counterparts such as glass and carbon fibres due to the inherent eco-friendly and biodegradable characteristics. Agricultural wastes (agro-wastes), such as rice husk (RH) also come under the category of natural fibres and can be used to manufacture fibre reinforced composites. Mechanical properties of thermoplastic composites from medium density polyethylene (MDPE) blended with rice husk (RH) or expanded rice husk (ERH) were evaluated in this study. The results show that agro-wastes, such as RH, can be used as filler/reinforcement to efficiently manufacture natural fiber thermoplastic composites for various applications. For full version of the journal article, please contact us directly at shafika.imm@gmail.com and/or aberamy.imm@gmail.com.

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