Emerging Tech - ABCDs That Are Changing The World

04 July 2019 Koh How Tze|A

A - AI B - Blockchain C - Connectivity (Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Cryptocurrency, CryptoEconomics, IoT) D - Data Bonus: E - Ecommerce F - Fintech Like it or not, we are building the Skynet of our time. AI driven, Blockchain based cognitive resources management system, powered by data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will fundamentally reinvent how businesses compete, grow, and succeed. Blockchain’s ability to securely expand an AI implementation’s access to data across organizations will drive a whole new set of insights and value. Together, AI and blockchain will enable organizations to exceed their current boundaries and gain access to significant amounts of trapped value. However, the power of AI depends on the access to, magnitude, and quality of the data it can process. Connectivity ensures that magnitude. Data is the new oil. What you will get? After completing the course, you will see a bigger picture of how the tech world is moving towards the future, be able to think further on how to position yourself by putting the right business strategies with technology implication.

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