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Digital Drawing to Learn, Teach & Innovate

10 December 2019 Zaid Ali Alsagoff

In this talk, Zaid Ali Alsagoff will explore how digital drawing could play a critical role in transforming the learning, teaching, content development, research and innovation process. You might be thinking now: “I can't draw!” Think again! Not only can you draw, with digital drawing you can perfect the lines, squares, circles, colours, etc. and then combine these elements into anything you can imagine. But, “I am not creative!” Yes, you are! This talk will also explore how anyone can become creative applying a few simply thinking tools and practices to their daily thinking activities. Also, you will discover how you can use drawing to improve your focus, memory, mindset, and overall mental health.


I rediscovered drawing at the age of 42, after 30 years (of not drawing). Don’t worry! If I can, you can!

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