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ATR-FTIR: A Simple and Rapid Tool For Coating Fingerprinting

04 September 2019 GCE Admin|A

Abstract: ATR-FTIR is a simple and rapid tool for coating fingerprinting. Reference FTIR spectra for resin and hardener can be easily generated. The degree of similarity, which is termed as correlation (r), of a spectrum can be easily generated by comparing the spectra of the samples to that of the reference spectrum. Correlation (r) = 1 denotes perfect match between the sample and reference spectra. The greater deviation of correlation (r) value from unity suggests a more significant difference between the sample and reference spectra. FTIR results showed homogeneity of resin and hardener at top, middle and bottom of the mixing tank and good batch-to-batch reproducibility. By referring to the FTIR results, different types of resin and hardener could be deduced.

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