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Application of EPRI P87 in Dissimilar Austenitic-Martensitic Welded Joints of TEMPALOY A-3 and T91

12 June 2019 Institute of Materials, Malaysia

Many years of research have led to the development of two grades of steel by Tenaris NKK Tubes i.e. TEMPALOY AA-1 and TEMPALOY A-3. The analysis of the weldability of the latter grade is the subject of this article. Steel TEMPALOY A-3 is austenitic steel containing 22% Cr and 15% Ni, the microstructure of which does not contain ferrite delta. The primary objective of this research was to check the welding properties of high oxidation resistant superheater steel TEMPALOY A-3 welded to simulated header stud of grade T91 using EPRI P87 filer metal. After welding and heat treatment all required non-destructive tests and mechanical examinations were done. The results obtained show very good mechanical properties of welded joint. For full version of the journal article, please contact us directly at shafika.imm@gmail.com and/or aberamy.imm@gmail.com.

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